Spring Festival in Asia

Spring Festival in Asia

Looking east: The Year of the Dragon promises good luck and dynamics

We look to Asia, where the Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is a major event.  Billions of people celebrate this worldwide. In 2024, we welcome the Year of the Dragon. In China in particular, business life comes to a standstill during these days, as many take the opportunity to visit family and friends and celebrate the festivities with them.

Let's take a look at why the dragon plays a central role and which activities are particularly supported this year.

The dragon has a special place in the Chinese zodiac, symbolizing power, luck and prosperity. People born in the Year of the Dragon are seen as courageous, dynamic and full of energy. In Chinese culture, the dragon also represents the emperor, and its appearance is often associated with fruitful harvests and positive changes. The Year of the Dragon is therefore seen as particularly auspicious.

The significance of the dragon extends beyond the spiritual and is also reflected in numerous New Year activities. One popular tradition is the Dragon Dance Festival, where colorful dragons dance through the streets accompanied by loud drums and fireworks. The dance symbolizes the fight against evil spirits and the wish for prosperity in the new year. People come together to watch the impressive performances and share happiness and joy together. Another tradition that characterizes the Year of the Dragon is the lighting of lanterns. These symbolize the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom. Families and other communities gather to release their lanterns into the sky together, signifying hope and optimism for the future. This ritual creates a festive atmosphere and strengthens cohesion.

This year, it is also recommended to participate in charity events and fundraisers to share the luck of the dragon and help those in need. The dragon is seen as a generous creature and by supporting charitable causes we can multiply good fortune and pass on the positive energies of the new year.

The Year of the Dragon supports the planning and implementation of new projects. The dragon brings not only luck, but also determination and courage. It is a time to pursue creative ideas, take risks and strive for personal and professional success.

The year 2024 offers a unique opportunity to be inspired by the Dragon's dynamic energy and make significant progress.



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